Web Design

  • Faux Food Creations

    Faux Food Creations

    FauxFoodCreations.com aims to provide users with techniques and tutorials for creating faux food. I created all of the faux food you see, filmed the tutorials, recorded the voice over, and built the site using WordPress.

  • Cornmarket Delicatessen

    Cornmarket Delicatessen

    A website for a fictional delicatessen. The first version was my very first attempt at buildign a website. The version two was created after receving feedback that the site needed to be more unique.

  • Thank You For Smoking Film Promo

    Thank You For Smoking Film Promo

    This site was created to promote the (fictional) upcoming premier of the movie, Thank You for Smoking.

  • The Midnight Libaray

    The Midnight Libaray

    A text-only website designed to showcase how impactful typography can be when used in creative ways.